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The Hotel

Built in 1907, The Luz Hotel is a 24 room hotel located at 725 Geary and Leavenworth Streets, and within minutes walking distance to the Union Square District and the Cable Car line on Powell Street. The hotel is individually owned and operated. Each of the rooms are individually styled and decorated. We proudly offer accommodations in the hospitality industry with our own distinct style. Unlike standard or chain hotels, the Luz Hotel is far different from the rest of it's neighboring Hospitality establishments because our goal is to keep it pure and simple.... No frills, fancy bars or boutiques, we figured why not keep things straight to the point with stylish and comfortable rooms, affordable prices, the highest level of service with the utmost respect to the privacy of our guests and last but not the least, emphasis on hospitality with a smile from the heart! It is best compared to a European style Pension House where most of our rooms have shared baths and toilettes that are maintained frequently through out the day. We do offer some rooms with a private bathroom but this is subject to availability. The Luz is a temporary home for many European, Asian and local travelers alike. Read "The Service" paragraph below and see why our guests believe in our slogan, "Check in as a guest and leave as a friend". Our main mission is to welcome you with warm smiles and open arms, ensuring your stay will indeed be a comfortable one! We are confident that any of the individually styled rooms plus the highest level of service will ensure that this is your home away from home.

The Location

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The Luz Hotel is nestled only five blocks from the heart of Union Square, San Francisco's world class shopping district. Union Square houses boutiques such as Prada, Dior, Channel and Valentino to name a few. See a Broadway show in the Theater district located right on the same street a few blocks east of the hotel. And you must not miss the chance to hop on the jewel of the city, the Cable Car, where the Powell Street starting point or as we call it the cable car turn around, is only several walking blocks away southeast of the hotel. The main street, Market Street that runs east to west of San Francisco, boasts a collection of street cars from all over the world and take you directly to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf area that begins from the Castro district. Geary Street has developed to be the hippest place for nightlife. At the corner of the hotel is bar with ambient lighting and lounge music called "Trocadero". Cross the street for there and you'll bump into a trendy bar called "Redford" offering the best in cocktails that you can accompany with small plate dishes to hot plates. This is truly a busy hangout of locals. Don't forget to have a cocktail at Jones Street Bar, an open air trendy bar just another block away...For you that love to drink and dance the night away, just across the street is "Swigs", a comfortable setting and a place to go... Check out our "Things to do in the area" page where we list the places to shop, eat and enjoy the nightlife.

The Service

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This is where we set our mark. Our style of service to put in one word is, "Personable". For starters, we welcome every guests that walks through our door with a smile from the heart. The staff will go out of their way to let the guests know of their availability for whatever needs they have. The hotel is individually owned and operated making it a style of operations that is distinct and different from the rest. The owner and staff are like family, where everyone contributes to make your stay a pleasurable one. Our mission is to make your stay a comfortable and a memorable one, guaranteeing you a highly enjoyable experience. Click on to our "What our guests think about us" page to see what our past guests think about their stay at the Luz Hotel!